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Mar 25, 2018

This week Mario, Beth, and Brian discuss how Walt Disney World handles the theming of their parks and how these elements work together to tell a cohesive story. We also challenged ourselves to retheme some Disney World attractions!



Mar 18, 2018

Take a stroll down memory lane with the S71 crew and revisit attractions of days gone by. Tune in to hear the stories behind notable extinct attractions, which we miss, and which we wish we got to experience! Thanks again to listener April S. for the episode suggestion!



Mar 11, 2018

How does Cinderella Castle withstand Florida's frequent hurricane winds? Was The Haunted Mansion once so scary that it caused someone to have a heart attack? What are those iconic giant turkey legs really made out of? Listen in to find out as the Station 71 hosts discuss and debunk common Disney myths and legends....

Mar 5, 2018

This week's episode is a bit of a mixed bag! Our hosts talk about Brian's recent wedding, how to get yourself ready for a Disney trip, and how you can sprinkle a little bit of Disney in your every day life!



  • SeaWorld enters the Pin Trading game to compete with Disney and Universal
  • Rumors continue to swirl for...