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Apr 26, 2020

Considering Walt Disney World Resort first opened in 1971, the parks have seen many different attractions come and go, but not all staying power is created equal. The Station 71 hosts round up their picks for attractions that have overstayed their welcome and give their suggestions on how these attractions can be...

Apr 17, 2020

The hosts take a break from biographical episodes to make a few fun lists: Best & Worst Sightlines, Best & Worst Land Transitions, and Out-of-Place Elements in the parks. Do you agree with our picks? What do you think we left out?

Apr 11, 2020

Continuing our biography of Walt Disney, Station 71's resident historian, Brian, takes us through Walt's teens and early adulthood, from the incorporation of his first animation company to arriving in Hollywood, detailing all the struggles and lessons learned along the way.

Apr 4, 2020

In the first episode of a new series covering the biographies of key Imagineers in Disney culture, the Station 71 hosts delve into the early backstory of the original Imagineer: Walt Disney. Find out the significance of Walt's childhood, short time in Marceline, Missouri, and early beginnings of Walt's interest in art.

Apr 2, 2020

In the current pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), quarantines and lockdowns are commonplace, so in order to get a little social interaction, Mario, Beth, and Brian jumped into the Station 71 Discord to hang out and record a live episode, chatting in real-time with listeners and answering questions.