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Station 71 began in 2017 when four Disney lovers combined forces
to create a podcast to help inform listeners on various topics
and entertain with challenges and games.
Each host has a unique perspective on Walt Disney World and come from different backgrounds,
so though they don’t always agree on the specifics, their passion for Disney ties them together!
Mario is Station 71’s fearless leader. He recruited the other three hosts to form the podcast as it exists today.
He began visiting Walt Disney World in 2005 and made the trip with a party of 16, so he definitely knows how to plan for a large group!
Although he lives in New Jersey, he makes the long voyage to Disney World as often as he can. When he visits, he is usually accompanied by his girlfriend and/or family members.
He enjoys photography both in and out of the Disney Parks. His favorite attraction is The Haunted Mansion and says it is a must-do for every Disney trip he takes!
He is also a big fan of other classic Disney attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise.
Beth grew up in the Disney Renaissance, watching her favorite Disney films on repeat (and still frequently does so even as an adult!)
She visited the parks a few times as a child, but in 2010, took her first trip as an adult which sparked her passion for the Parks.
Despite being a South Carolinian and living about seven hours away, she has made the trek at least once a year ever since.
She usually travels with her boyfriend and is often joined by her best friend who is a Florida local.
Beth’s favorite park is Animal Kingdom and she has a passion for wildlife conservation.
Her favorite aspects of Disney include the Parks' attention to detail and the many clever puns and references hidden in those details.
Brian was born and raised in Georgia and has made frequent trips to Walt Disney World since childhood.
After graduating from college, he and his fiancee moved to Florida, became Annual Passholders, and generally visit the parks on a monthly basis.
Brian loves Disney’s dedication to creating immersive experiences and ability to transport guests into the scenes of their favorite movies.
He also loves the history of the parks and technical aspects of Imagineering from animatronics to special effects and beyond.
He enjoys sharing his knowledge with fellow Disney fans and anyone planning their own trip to The Most Magical Place On Earth.
Kirsten’s first trip to Walt Disney World was in 2004 as a teenager.
She immediately fell in love with the parks and began going regularly after graduating from high school.
She gained experience as a Cast Member in the Disney College Program as a Vacation Planner and met several lifelong best friends through the program.
Disney World holds many special memories for Kirsten, from her husband proposing on Main Street USA to taking photos to announce her pregnancy.
Her special interests include Imagineering and Disney history, as well as the Company’s creativity and attention to detail.
Though she currently resides in Texas, Kirsten has moved many times throughout her life and never put down roots in one place.
For her, Disney World is one of the only places that truly feels like home.