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Feb 18, 2018

In this episode, the Station 71 hosts discuss pin trading history, etiquette, and how you can get your collection started!





  • Getting Started
    • Starter Sets are available in the parks and include four pins and a lanyard for $30
    • Trade with any Cast Member wearing a lanyard - a great way to interact with Cast Members, especially kids.
      • Green Lanyards mean only children can trade
    • Check stores and hotels for Pin Boards
    • Guests are allowed to trade two pins per Cast Member per day
  • Special Pin Types
    • Mystery Sets
    • Lanyard Series (Hidden Mickey) - Cast Member Exclusives
    • Special Events
    • Passholder Exclusives
    • Disney Visa Cardholders Exclusives
    • D23 Member Exclusives
    • AP (Artist Proof) Pins - Manufacturing test run pins. Stamped AP on the back, generally limited edition of less than 25 per pin design. Highly collectable.
  • Scrappers
    • Scrappers or unofficial Disney pins can be bought for a fraction of the cost of official ones.
    • General opinion is to avoid them as eventually other guests will likely be the ones to end up with them.
  • Pin Trading Locations
    • Pin boards
    • pin strollers 
    • Cast lanyards

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